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The coastal prefecture of Toyama, Toyama means "rich with mountains" and the city offers stunning views of the Northern Japan Alps and it is a picture perfect place to visit. It is also a place rich with Japan's national history. From an early battlefield, to an agricultural epicenter, to a now diverse, growing vacation destination, Toyama features attractions to dazzle visitors of all interests.

The Toyama prefecture contains two of the hottest destination to visit in Japan right now and that is the Alpine Route and Shirakawa-go. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a spectacular road that surrounds visitors with majestic snow corridor from April to June, which its snow walls reach up to 20 meters high. While summer and autumn won't have its famous snow wall, it still attract visitors with beautiful landscapes, alpine flowers, and the burst of warm colored autumn leaves. The Alpine route also offers visitors other activities such as hot spring or tasting delicious natural spring water. At Mikurigaike Hot Spring, you can bathe in the highest altitude natural hot spring in Japan. This means for you, you get to soak in soothing hot water, while watching the majestic view that the hot spring offers. Don't forget to also visit the pond outside of the hot spring, which is the most picturesque spot for picture taking.

Shirakawa-go is a quiet mountain village with rice fields and 114 thatched roof house, and in winter, when the area experiences heavy snowfall and two to three meter of snow piles up, the whole village looks like a Winter Wonderland. The Japanese houses that are built on Shirakawa-go are called "Gassho-style" houses. If you're in the mood to experience living in this Gassho-style house, you can. "Shoshichi" is a popular inn located inside Shirakawa-go that offers visitor an authentic stay. The inn is beautiful and warm, and dinner is served in a Japanese-style room with a sunken hearth, to grill various seafood and vegetable right in front of your eyes.

Editor's Choice

Best Restaurants

  1. L'evo (French)
  2. Garaku (Modern Japanese "Kaiseki")
  3. Sushijin (Sushi)
  4. Yamazaki (Japanese "Kaiseki" style)
  5. Daimon (Sushi)

Best Hotels

  1. Yumetsuzuri
  2. Ikegami
  3. Enraku
  4. Garaku
  5. Sanrakuen