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Tokyo, the central heart of Japan as well as the crown jewel of its country. Through the melding of traditional culture as well as its passion for everything technology, this is a city that prides itself on constant renewal and reinvention. This is a city that offers you anything you look for, and in different flavors: a rich and diverse culinary scene, ancient temples as well as urban structure that is sure to awe, this is a city that exist for everyone.

If we're talking about Tokyo, we have to talk about its culinary scene. Tokyo houses more than 200 Michelin-starred restaurants, the largest in the world. From experiencing the best sushi made with the freshest seasonal catch, to a cheap bowl of noodle, Japanese food in Tokyo is made with the same care and attention detail, sometimes from decade of experience. Glamorous restaurants such as Seryna in which you can experience A5 rank beef in shabu-shabu, Sushi Saito a 3 Michelin-star sushi that is the pride and joy of Tokyoites, to humble izakaya to grab great drinks and food; there is never a time when you're walking in Tokyo and not be surprised from the selection of places to eat that litters the streets of Tokyo.

Tokyo sets its sight into the future, which are very evident the moment you explore Tokyo. Neon-lit streetscapes, sleek structures, award-winning architects, and even the world's tallest tower (Tokyo Sky Tree) exists in Tokyo, but traces of old Japan is still present, and it's beautiful. It's a modern city built coexisting with old patterns, wooden old bars and quiet alley, upbeat festivals as well as traditional stalls are very much alive amidst the tall skyscrapers.