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Comprised of 160 large and small island, Okinawa is considered to be where history, adventure and exciting festivals exists in one place. Vast ocean area, beautiful coral reefs, crystal-clear blue seas, soft white sand beaches, and just all around beautiful natural scenery makes up Okinawa. No wonder it's Japan's most beloved resort island!
In Okinawa, visiting the beach and experiencing its water activities is a must. At Cape Manza, perched atop the western side of Okinawa island, is a stunning sanctuary where you can view the whole vista of both the Okinawan land and the sea. It is also home to popular dive spot. Diving or scuba diving in Okinawa is breathtaking, almost as if you've entered a whole new realm. Coral reefs are beautifully protected, as well as the sea animals that dwell in it. Dive along with bottlenose dolphins as well as sea turtles, while people who enjoys snorkeling more could swim amongst the many colorful fishes of the reefs. Water activities is not only limited to those two, as there are many other exciting activity such as Sea Kayaking or even Fly Board.

Okinawa is also home to nine designated UNESCO World Heritage sites, from castles sitting magnificently on coastal cliffs to to gardens of outstanding beauty. Head to Nakagusuku Castle, a preservation of a old castle from the Ryukyu kingdom and is a perfect relection of that period of time in Okinawa's history. The natural rocks, and the valley-like land offers visitor a place that feels different than the rest, especially when you leave early enough to catch the early sunrise. It's breathtaking. Or if delving into 300,000 year old cave is more of your thing, then Gyokusendo Cave is for you. A other-worldy underground limestone cave spanning over 5km, the cave is filled with glowing streams and majestic rock formation. A walk through the cave will take you through all 890m of the natural cave, but in summer, you can delve deeper into the cave that can only be reached by wading through the underground river.

Okinawa is also home to delicious food such as the famous local dish of Okinawa Soba or the "green caviar" of Okinawa, Umi Budo (Sea Grapes). You would think that ramen is a staple for all Japanese, but you would be wrong. For Okinawans, Okinawa Soba is the local dish they rely on. Thick wheat noodles, served with clear broth that is simmered with seaweed, pork and vegetable makes a hearty meal great for any occasion. They also have Umi Budo, a type of seaweed that is called sea grapes which has the texture and taste similar to that of a caviar. Dip it with ponzu sauce, this crunchy appetizer's burst of freshness and tinge of sweetness is what it's loved for.

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