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The silent creak of tatami mat in ryokan, the gentle sway of the bamboo in Arashiyama, the delightful authentic taste of Matcha, or even sipping a ice cold beer on the banks of the Kamo-gama river it is a city that paints traditional Japan's beauty in its entirety. It is a ancient Japanese city full of woodblock prints that comes to life with its geisha in Gion street and its stunningly beautiful Sakura trees in April, but it's also a town that breathes youthfulness with the rapid opening of craft beers and single-origin coffee such as Arabica Coffee Kyoto.

Kyoto is known to have over 1000 Buddhist temples, and the selection of sights to see does not disappoint. You'll find true masterpieces built from past decades such as the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), a zen temple made completely out of gold or Saiho-ji, a garden that consist of 120 variation of beautiful moss which are recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Not to mention, other great destinations such as Arashiyama Bamboo forest or Fushimi Inari Taisha; these places will evoke a sense of serenity and adventure all at the same time. Not to mention that Japan is blessed with 4 beautiful seasons, which enhances the scenery throughout the city of Kyoto. Spring, when all of the color of life starts blooming almost instantaneously, or Autumn when the weather gets a little chilly but are gifted with brilliant Autumn foliage of red and orange, almost like a burst of color from a firework.

While Kyoto is known for its amazing display of temples and natural landscape, for those who appreciate and are interested in the 'Japanese Way of Life' will not be disappointed in Kyoto. The 'old way' is certainly still intact in Kyoto, but do not be mistaken with meaning of obsolete; instead the old way of Japanese life is very graceful and if we may call it, artful. From humble tofu sellers in old shotengai (market street), washi paper maker, to ice cream or tea merchants, they care and master their craft to perfection, almost obsessively. Youth culture in Kyoto itself, is very unique in which new and old blends together. It is not a surprise to see a craft beer shop opened in a old neighborhood but has a interior of that you expect of a shop in a more urban city. This creates a very interesting experience of old and new.