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Hokkaido, the second largest island of Japan and also internationally-known to have one of the best snowfall in the world which create the perfect place to snowboard or ski. While the island of Hokkaido is known for its winter scenery, Hokkaido is still blessed by the 4 season that exist in Japan. In Spring, flowers starts to bloom and the many great outdoor of Hokkaido starts to be inhibited by wild animals. In Summer, Hokkaido is rather dry with low level of humidity, perfect time to enjoy the Northern breeze with a glass of beer and the abundance of seafood restaurants in Hokkaido. Autumn will awe you with its amazing spectrum of warm colored trees, and of course taste the seasonal seafood that becomes available. Last but not least is Winter, when cold wind from Siberia bring huge amount powdery snow, which has earned Hokkaido its reputation as wonderland for snowboarders and skiers.

Hokkaido is famous for two destination, Niseko and Sapporo. Niseko is a paradise for those seeking outdoor adventure as well as light, fluffy, powdery snow. Vast, long ski runs and endless soft snow is offered by many ski resorts that exist in Niseko. One of them is one such as The Vale, a internationally awarded resort that delivers 2100 acres of sublime powder terrain. Start your day skiing/snowboarding and also enjoy the breathtaking winter wonderland-like view of Niseko's ski range and return at night to soak in the bliss of natural hot springs in Niseko. For those looking for other winter sport activity outside of skiing and snowboarding there are many more to offer. For those who enjoy thrilling action but would like to give your legs a rest, than snowmobiling is for you. While Horse Riding is a summer activity, in Niseko you can also experience horse riding in the snow. Snow Rafting & Snow Tubing is also a popular winter sport great for kids as well as adults. As Niseko is surrounded by beautiful countryside nature, a simple activity such as Snow Trekking is one experience to behold.

On the other hand, Sapporo, is a vibrant city in which you can find the freshest seafood and the tastiest of ice cream and dairy products. For sushi lover, you're in for a treat. Sushi place such as Miyakawa will alleviate your understand and appreciation for sushi. Miyakawa strictly use only seasonal ingredients. You'll be able to try superb nigiri sushi like the black-throat sea perch, tiger prawn and many other, not to mention their delightful appetizer such as tilefish cooked with kelp. Of course there are many other delicious food such as crab hotpot, restaurant that specializes in grilled seafood, and most popular in Sapporo, milk soft-served ice cream.

Editor's Choice

Best Restaurants

  1. Ikko (Sushi)
  2. Tazawa (Tempura)
  3. Wakichi (Sushi)
  4. Suyama (Japanese "Kaiseki" Style)
  5. Nukumi (Japanese "Kaiseki" Style)

Best Hotels

  1. Zoubourin
  2. Suizantei Club Jyokeizan
  3. Onuma Tsuruga Auberge Epuy
  4. Umiono Bettei Furukawa
  5. Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu