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Fukuoka is Kyushu's largest city and is made up of two former towns, the Fukuoka castle town and Hakata. Thought the two has merged into what we know as Fukuoka right now, the name Hakata is still widely used, for instance the Hakata station and the famous Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. In Japan, hearing the name "Fukuoka" conjures images of delicious food fire and foremost. 'Delicious' is a understatement to the many amazing local dishes such as their stews, hotpot dishes, and their ramen.

As one of the closest cities to the Asian mainland, many of Fukuoka dish is inspired by Korean and Chinese cuisine, this create a complex and diverse taste for those who are looking for a different kind of Japanese cuisine. Tonkotsu Ramen have taken the world by the storm, it's almost as if any major city worlwide is taking in the Ramen fever, and there is no better place to try the famous Tonkotsu ramen in it's home turf. Tonkotsu ramen is characterized by its silky, smooth yet savoury pork broth soup and fine thin noodles. Especially in Fukuoka, pork bones are stewed for hours, sometimes over night to create one of the most delicious broth for a ramen. Fukuoka city is certainly am place of fierce competition for ramen business owners, but for travelers means there's a abundance of places to savor all kinds of great ramen. To think that only ramen is special in Fukuoka is a great mistake, as there are other cuisines as well such as Motsunabe and Mentaiko. Fukuoka not only boast great local eateries, but also prides itself with 43 restaurants with Michelin stars.

Editor's Choice

Best Restaurants

  1. Tenzushi Kyomachi Store (Sushi)
  2. Sato (Japanese "Kappo" style)
  3. Chikamatsu (Sushi)
  4. Gyoten (Sushi)
  5. Yasukichi (Sushi)

Best Hotels

  1. Hotel Greges
  2. Roppokan
  3. With Style Fukuoka
  4. Seiryu-an
  5. Agora Fukuoka Yamanoue