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Our Vision & Mission


"To provide a authentic first-class traveling experience in Japan."


"Focusing solely on Japan, we are equipped with knowledge and experience to bring the best of what Japan have to offer for you."

Our Values


We strive to deliver the absolute authentic experience of traveling in Japan without being diluted by foreign misconceptions about Japan. Places & cuisines we take will awe and leave you with a great traveling experience in Japan.


We believe that a private tour should be comfortable and enjoyable every single day, and in order to deliver on that ideal, your comfort is our utmost importance. We dedicate a lot of care into planning and managing your personalised private tour.


Personalising and managing a first-class tour experience in Japan can only be done through extensive knowledge and experience of the country. We, as a team, are experts in the field of Japan's luxury travel and we only strive to provide the best for you.


Gone are the old days of following a set plan; Japan as a ever-evolving country are full of wonders to behold. We offer the flexibility of planning the tour on how you want it at your own convenience without compromising a single experience.

Brief History

FURYU Travel Co., Ltd. was founded by Abel Darmawan and Sho Kuwata on January 2016 in Tokyo. They met each other while attending a International High School in Singapore and discovered a shared passion for travel and adventure. Now, sharing the same vision and mission, and envisioning the possibilities that lies ahead, both challenged and created a company that aim to deliver a first-class traveling experience to a land that is very dear to them, Japan.

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Abel Darmawan

A graduate of Sophia University , an avid traveler, entrepreneur. Abel spent most of his childhood in Indonesia and Singapore, and the other half in Japan. Being exposed to different culture and language early on in his life have developed an appreciation and understanding of the diverse culture that are present. Now, using his expertise and knowledge he'd like to better connect Japan to the rest of the world.



Sho Kuwata

A enormous passion for traveling, Sho has visited more than 25 countries and are far from done. Show grew up in 4 different countries, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as Japan. With his perspective of looking at Japan from the outside, he knows what Japan has to offer and are striving to provide the best.