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Customization / Personalization

"Japan as a ever-evolving country with four season are full of wonders to behold. We offer the flexibility of creating a customized and tailored itinerary to your specific needs and wishes, as well as specific suggestions that are special to each season."

Professional / Excellence

"Personalizing and managing a first-class tour experience in Japan can only be done through extensive knowledge and experience of the country. We, as a team, are experts in the field of Japan's luxury travel and we only strive to provide the best for you."

*Professionally licensed bilingual Japanese tour guide
*Dedicated team that is ready to respond to sudden changes


"We strive to deliver the absolute authentic experience of traveling in Japan without being diluted by foreign misconceptions of Japan. Destination & cuisines we take will awe and leave you with a great traveling experience in Japan."

First class transportation & hotel

"We believe that a private tour should be comfortable and enjoyable every single day, and in order to deliver on that ideal, your comfort is our utmost importance. We have partnered with 1st class hotel as well as transportation partners that operate with the same ideal as us: client first.

FURYU is a company based in Tokyo that aims to deliver a first-class authentic travel experience in Japan through bespoke itineraries. Itineraries are curated through careful selection of travel destinations & culinary that reflects the four seasons, ensuring a tour experience in Japan unlike any other.

As a country blessed with beautiful vistas, delicious culinary as well as superb service, it is a shame that most tourists that visit only skims the outer layer of what Japan has to offer.

FURYU, first and foremost, is a company comprised of members who love to explore Japan. Even love is an understatement to the amount of passion and vigor we research and explore Japan.

Let us be your personal concierge to the beautiful nation of Japan.